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11 Oct 2023
RSV Protection for Infants

Fall and winter are our typical “cold and flu seasons”, but this is also when we see Respiratory Syncytial Virus, also known as RSV. Some infants and young children with RSV may only experience cold-like symptoms. However, some may have more severe symptoms which can lead to the need for hospitalization. The good news is the FDA recently approved a monoclonal antibody injection for protection against RSV in infants younger than 8 months old who are born during, or are entering their first “RSV season”.


Bloomington Pediatrics is committed to providing outstanding and comprehensive care to our patient families and would like to offer this injection to our eligible patients. Many insurance companies will not cover the cost of this injection. We encourage parents to contact their insurance company for individual plan coverage. Our office will also perform an eligibility inquiry for insurance coverage before administering the injection. The charge billed to insurance will be $1000. If the eligibility inquiry determines the injection is a non-covered service under your health plan, we will offer a discounted price of $600 which will be owed at the time of service.


We are excited to have another tool to keep more babies healthy this season! Please let us know if you are interested in your child receiving this injection. You may call us at 309-662-0504 and select option 1 to speak with a nurse, or you may send us a message through your patient portal. Interested patient families will be notified as soon as we have the injection available for administering in the office.