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13 Jan 2023
Notification of Lab Test Results

Our new EMR has a fantastic patient portal called My Kid's Chart. In an effort to get important information to our patient families, like lab results, we will be utilizing the patient portal more. Click here to read our previous post about the patient portal and feel free to reach out if you have questions or need to get registered!


Please review the lab result notification process below. We know that not all of our patient families will be comfortable with using the patient portal. Just let us know in the office if you prefer to be contacted by phone and our staff will be happy to accomodate your request.



All results for lab tests performed in our office will be published to the LABS section in your child’s patient portal. 

  • A nurse will send you a message through the patient portal to advise you if your child’s lab results are abnormal
    • The message will advise care and treatment of your child’s symptoms and any necessary medication.
  • A nurse will only call you if there are questions about your pharmacy or prescription.
  • If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to reply to the portal message or give us a call!



Lab tests such as Covid-19, Influenza and Strep can take close to an hour to run. If the result is abnormal, your doctor will need to review it before a nurse notifies you of the plan of care.

  • If your lab tests were collected after 4:30pm, we will send the portal message the next business day, UNLESS your doctor advised they would call you that day.


We want to get your results to you as quickly as possible, too, so thanks for being patient with us and the process!