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06 Sep 2022
EMR Transition Announcement

Bloomington Pediatrics is pleased to announce we are transitioning to a new EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system! This new system is specific to the needs of a pediatric practice, so not only will it improve our ability to provide the best care for your family, it will also offer an improved experience for you! Don't worry - all of your patient records will be safely and securely converted to the new system and you will still be able to reach us during implementation. 


To help us in converting the most accurate and up to date information to the new system, we ask that any patients of Dr. Bandy who have not yet selected another physician in our practice please call us as soon as possible to complete this step. We know it isn't an easy decision and will do our best to assist you in making an informed choice.


The transition will take place the week of September 26-30, 2022. We are sharing this with you now because you will notice a few issues while the new system is implemented. Please be patient with our staff and providers as we will all be learning this new system together. You may notice it takes a little bit longer to schedule an appointment or a visit may take longer than is typical as we adjust to new screens and workflows. You may also experience a delay in requests for forms or prescriptions.


We will have limited appointments available Tuesday September 20th and Wednesday September 21st due to training on the new system and again the week of the 26th as we "Go Live." We ask for your help in reserving non-urgent calls and requests for a later date. 


Please note our current patient portal (and links to it from our website) will not be accessible as of September 26, 2022. Once our implementation is complete, we will begin registering families for the new and improved patient portal called "My Kid's Chart." With the new portal, you will still be able to send us messages, see immunization records, current medications and pay your bill online. The "improved" piece is that more than one person may have login access to the patient portal! And all siblings in a family will be linked under a single portal login! Now, that is something to get excited about!


In the meantime, we ask that you call the office with any questions or concerns. We will keep you updated throughout the process through our Facebook page and here on the website. We are so excited for this positive change and look forward to sharing it with you!


Stay Well,

Bloomington Pediatrics