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07 Jan 2022
After Hours Answering Service

After Hours Answering Service


We are pleased to be able to offer our patient families the assurance of being able to speak with a pediatric nurse 24/7. During non-business hours, when our own pediatric nurses are not here to answer your calls for advice and offer their expertise, we are still able to connect our patient families with trained pediatric triage nurses through St. Louis Children's Hospital.


Nurses on the after hours answer line are highly knowledgeable and able to:

  • discuss symptom based concerns about your child's health
  • advise if your child can wait to be seen in the office the next business day, or if they need urgent care
  • advise things you can do for your child at home until you are able to be seen in the office
  • connect with our on-call physician for further information and guidance


Nurses on the after hours answer line are NOT able to:

  • order ANY lab testing
  • give lab results
  • schedule appointments
  • refill medications
  • provide medical records


Much like our own practice and many healthcare facilities, the answering service is experiencing an unprecedented volume of calls. We ask that our patient families please keep this in mind and reserve questions and requests for routine matters for regular business hours when our office staff and nurses are able to assist you. 


You may also visit our Parent Resources page for trusted sites with excellent information for parents.