Welcome to Bloomington Pediatrics



Each of our doctors offer telemedicine visits for certain types of ill visits and medication check ups. Please contact us at 309-662-0504 option 1 to see if a telemedicine visit would be an appropriate option for you and your child.


Please see below for helpful hints regarding telemedicine appointments--


1. Have your child with you in a well-lit room that is as quiet and free of distractions if possible.
We get it...you're at home, so do your best. If we end up seeing your other children or your pets, that's ok (and even fun for us)! 


2. Visits work best if you use your smart phone or computer with a camera and microphone.

We will send you a link - login 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time. Login using the patient's name. 


3. It will be helpful to have a few tools available during the appointment.

  • a thermometer
  • a flashlight or other light source (so we can look at your child's throat) 
  • your child's weight or a scale
  • the name/location of your pharmacy


4. The doctor will have you help with your child's exam.

We might have you get them to say "Ahh", take their temperature, or show us a rash - among other things. 


5.  Don't be nervous to ask questions and have your child do the same.

It might be fun for your child to show us their favorite toy or introduce their pet. Those things will help your child be more comfortable with the visit. 


We're excited to offer this new service! If you have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call us!