Treatment of a Child in the Absence of a Parent

We understand that work and other life circumstances may prevent a parent from attending an appointment with a child under the age of eighteen. This policy is to ensure a balance of patient needs and our medical responsibility for the care of our patients who are becoming young adults.

Children Under 16 Years Old

Patients under the age of sixteen years old MUST be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian/authorized adult when being seen for ill or well visits. A parent or legal guardian may complete our Consent to Treat form to authorize another adult, such as a grandparent, aunt/uncle or babysitter to accompany children under sixteen years old to their office visits when the parent/legal guardian is absolutely unable to accompany them. We will need to see an ID at check in from the accompanying individual. During the exam, the parent/legal guardian/authorized adult must be present in the building, but may choose to step out of the room at the request of the child.

Exceptions to this include visits regarding birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, and physical or sexual abuse; when a minor may legally seek confidential treatment or consultation on their own.

Children 16-18 Years Old

Patients between 16-18 years old may be seen without a parent/legal guardian/authorized adult for an ill or well visit. However, the parent/legal guardian must complete a Consent to Treat an Unaccompanied Minor form. If permission from a parent cannot be obtained, the child cannot be seen, unless it is an exception, as mentioned above, or is a life-threatening emergency.

Patients 18 Years and Older

Patients who are 18 years of age and older may be seen without an adult or parental consent and have a right to privacy which is covered by HIPAA laws. This means we cannot release any information to parents or family members without a signed Age Release by the patient.

All of the aforementioned forms are available on our practice website under the Forms tab. Each form is available to be downloaded in a PDF file to be completed, signed and returned to the office, or may be completed online as a Web Form which will be submitted directly to our office’s HIPAA secure email inbox.

We work hard to accommodate the busy schedules of our patient families and appreciate your cooperation with completing the necessary paperwork to ensure the safety of your child, as well as allow our physicians to provide them the very best care.

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